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[Comment] Re: What's wrong with this story?

Half in pajamas is very common for my two year old. Often fights the pants changes. The rest of it sounds weird to me.

[BlogEntry] What's wrong with this story?

Wandering child reunited with mom.

This morning on the news was the story of a toddler wandering around Boston at 4am. The linked story tells us the good news, that the mother was found at 6:30am and they were reunited.

But … read the story. Something's weird.

"She put the children down at midnight." This child is less than 2 years old, why is he going to bed at midnight?

The child was found wearing a pajama top (fine), jean shorts, socks and sneakers. What did she do, put him to bed in his street clothes? Did he dress himself? There have certainly been times when the kids as babies were so tired it's easier to just let them sleep in whatever they're wearing. But then where did the pajama top come from? She got him half dressed for bed and just gave up?

The mother also says that at 6am she found the boy missing. So when the police found her half an hour later, she hadn't called 911?

I get the feeling there's more to the story.