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[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

The deal with this case all the people say that chris benoit is a monster, no one was elese was at chris benoit house. The only people at benoit house was chris and nancy and daniel. no one knows what happend and this case don"t make sence. chris benoit was not a monster and someone set him up to be a monster. Chris Benoit was a nice guy and loved his family and he loved wrestling and the wwe should put chris benoit in the hall of fame. Rest in peace chris benoit and nancy benoit and daniel banoit.

[BlogEntry] America's Got Talent : Don't Vote For The Singers

I don't understand how the people that do American Idol can produce a second "talent" show and then have 7 out of 10 of the finalists be singers. None of the finalists in Talent are as good as finalists on Idol, and you have to know that people will make the comparison. Instead, how about everybody that's voting on this show vote for one of the variety acts instead? They are:

  • Calypso Tumblers – Great, dynamic act. And although it's basically a bunch of running and jumping, they do it in a way that's exciting to watch. Plus they've got great character and personality, and a good back story. Nice act to support.
  • Terry Fator – Ok, this guy is a singer, sort of. He's a ventriloquist who does impersonations of singers. That has to be one of the most unique talents I have ever seen. I'd be happy to see him win it, but I'm not sure that people appreciate the difficulty level.
  • Sideswipe – Karate demonstrations are always fun to watch, but as Sharon said, they've got to do something more than just the whole kicky punchy thing to step it up. And bringing out a bunch of little kids really blew it for them, it was too chaotic and silly. It went from hardcore martial arts demonstration to lightweight family fun in a blink.

If a singer has to win it, vote for Cas Haley, the stumpy little guy with the hat. I didn't like his bluesy thing he did, but in general I like his voice best of all of them (thanks for not being country, Cas) and I like his back story, he's always got something inspirational to say about his wife and kids.

[BlogEntry] Age of Love : Amanda, or Jen?

Well I guess this show turned watchable after all, Kerry and I have been following it through the weeks. For the most part the episodes themselves are stupid, the 20yr olds are all "Oh yeah really, whatever" and the 40yr olds are all "I'd almost given up hope that I could love again…." Blah. But they've done a good job of overproducing the commercials so each week it looks like they'll be drama.

It's down to Amanda, a 20yr old, and Jen, a 40yr old. Or at least, those are their respective teams, not sure what their actual ages are. Does anybody believe for a minute that that's coincidence? That from the very beginning the producers weren't manipulating the choices to make sure it came down that way? I think I would have been more impressed if it had come down to two from a single age group, it would have felt more real.

My guess is that he picks Jen, the older one. Because although almost all the episodes have been edited to show Amanda getting all the attention, several times you got this "I saved the best for last" comment regarding Jen, who was normally left until the end.

But what happened to Megan? She's afraid to fly, so she can't go on the trip to Australia, so she's kicked off the show? Kerry is pissed! She's sitting there yelling at the tv, "That's how he's going to decide who he loves, who's not afraid to fly? That's not fair!" All's fair in love and reality tv, I guess.

[BlogEntry] Thanks, I feel so much better now

So the other day I swing by Supercuts to get a haircut, and I'm listening to Harry Potter on my iPod while I'm waiting. So naturally when it's my turn the girl asked me what I'm listening to, I tell her, and we get into a conversation about it. She seems intrigued that I have it on ipod, and has never made the connection that just like you can rip a CD full of music, you can rip a book on tape.

She's maybe in her mid-20's or so. We mention kids and she tells me she has a 4yr old. I tell her that my oldest is 5.
We discuss other books, she mentions VC Andrews, a name I have not heard since high school. If I recall correctly, VC Andrews "Flowers in the Attic" was basically Danielle Steele for teenagers. "I'm not really the audience for that sort of book," I tell her, "Give me science fiction or something like a Lord of the Rings."

"Yeah," she says, "My dad likes to read that stuff, too."

I clutch at my heart.

"No!" she says, aghast, "I'm not saying you're old! My dad's not old! He's 43!"

Yes, about 5 years older than me. AND A GRANDFATHER!

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

I think Chris Benoit is a good man and I do not think he killed his wife Nancy or his little boy Daniel I think someone else did this and set it up as a murder suicide.
Rest In Peace Chris Benoit, Nancy and Daniel Benoit.

I hope and pray they find the real killer and clear his name
Love & Prayers,
Anonymous Fan

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

Chris Benoit should be in the wwe hall of fame in 08.

[Comment] Re: The Singing Bee : New Summer Hit?

i really enjoy the singing bee its a great hit to watchh with your family. hope it lasts

[Comment] Re: Buddha : The Movie

Can't wait to see the movie because i'm buddhist and i believed that this movie will illuminate peace to the world.

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Toxicology Report

Drugs,especially a combination of drugs can alter a persons mood and distort reality somewhat. But drugs do not change a person into a monster unless there is a monster beneath the surface to start with. In other words, Chris benoit was a CRAZY BASTARD to begin with! Lots of people do drugs of all kinds including steroids and they dont commit murder. He spent most of his time with his co-workers and his company. How can it be that no one noticed he was off balance. Surely there were some signs of mental/emotional problems. No one is to blame except Benoit for this tragedy. No excuse justifies it. But how can a man who is that unstable go unnoticed and unchecked?

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

Hmmm… Cuckoo pants