[BlogEntry] Remember the one about the pizza guy and the bomb?

Back in 2003 there was a very bizarre story (that made some "most bizarre way to die" lists) about the pizza delivery man who was forced to rob a bank on behalf of some other criminals who had kidnapped him and attached a live bomb around his neck. While the police waited for the bomb squad to arrive, the bomb went off. Apparently not a hoax, indeed!

Well, people have finally been indicted. And you know what? It appears that the guy was in on it. Ok, follow the details, because they are messed up:

  1. "Wells" is the guy that blew up. "Barnes", one of the two people who are charged with the crime, was a fishing buddy of Wells. "Armstrong", a female who is also charged, is listed as a friend of Barnes.
  2. The original plan was to get the money so that Armstrong could hire someone to kill her father.
  3. The plan was to set it up so that if Wells was caught, he could claim to be an unwilling participant.
  4. As apparently an added benefit, the bomb also ensured that Wells could not keep the money for himself. "If he dies, he can't be a witness." No honor among thieves, apparently. Who would volunteer for that deal?
  5. Armstrong (who wanted the money to kill her father, got it?) was already in jail after police found the body of James Roden, her boyfriend. She has already confessed to killing Roden because he knew about the robbery.
  6. Roden's body was found in a home near the place where Wells had made his last pizza delivery. The guy that owned the home has since died of cancer.

Got all that? If somebody wrote that all up as an episode of Law and Order, the producers would say "No way, too confusing."

[BlogEntry] How Not To Get Out of Jury Duty

This guy wanted out of jury duty so badly that he filled out the form saying that he was a racist, homophobic habitual liar. But his real stupidity came on the stand when the judge asked "Are you lying to me now?" and the guy said, "I could be." The judge said, "I think you're intentionally trying to get out of jury duty," and the man said, "That's true."

Judge immediately had him arrested and charged with perjury, among other things. Love it.