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[Comment] Re: Rockstar Supernova 8/30 Results : Shocker! Who goes home??

I cannot believe that "the band" voted off Ryan!!! What are they thinking? Ryan had it all going for him – I thought that he would help "the band" by bringing some class with him – and "the band" needs someone that can belt out a song, and look good, and that person, in my book, is Ryan. I will be boycotting by not watching the show anymore. I loved Ryans' final words to the guys in the band. He will go far!!! Will Supernova??

[Comment] Re: Rockstar Supernova 8/30 Results : Shocker! Who goes home??

The decisons the guys are making as to who should leave each week are questionable. Often their comments do not match their choices. I am becoming frustrated and Super Nova will have to be a pretty good band for me to support these idiots.

[BlogEntry] Rockstar Supernova 8/30 Results : Shocker! Who goes home??

Ok, tell me how Dilana rates "Best performance of both seasons" and Toby gets the encore? I think they were hoping he'd bring more 17yr olds up on stage to bounce.

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[BlogEntry] Rockstar Supernova : Fixed for Lukas?

There's a rumor going around that Rockstar is fixed, and that the winner will be Lukas. I don't think that's really a spoiler, since for the next couple weeks he's got as much chance as anybody else and we'll all still watch to see what happens. This week he's in the bottom three, at least at the end of Tuesday's performance show.

Unlike American Idol, which is entirely based on live audience vote, Rockstar can most definitely be "fixed". but what does that really mean? It's clear from the beginning that the band gets to choose who they want. All America is doing is choosing what order they go home in. If the band had really wanted Patrice to win they could have kept her around every week no matter how often she was in the bottom.
They do not have to pick who the audience says, other than, as Tommy said re: Patrice, "The fans buy our tickets."

Lukas gets outstanding reviews almost every week. Personally I put him about 3rd or 4th out of the 6 — I like Dilana (obviously), but then Magni and Ryan next. Storm has just completely self destructed, which is a shame because she started out very well. But yet the judges keep spinning it like it's the Lukas vs Dilana show.

So, what do people think? If Lukas ends up winning (he will almost undoubtedly make it to the final 3), will you cry foul? Or is that just the result we should have expected all along? I expect Storm, Toby and Magni to go home next (probably in that order), leaving Dilana, Lukas and Ryan as the top three. If I'm right, can I say I knew the fix was in?

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