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[Comment] Re: Savion Glover teaches penguins to dance

What a great tap quote! I may have to include that on my site as I often like to collect and post dance-related posts. Thanks for sharing it!

[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars : September 26, 2007 Elimination

No big surprises, and no need to waste a lot of time like the show does. Josie, the model who had the brutally low score, goes home. I feel worse for her partner, Alec, who actually won the first season, and now two seasons in a row has gone home the first week. Get him a better partner next time!

The rest of the show is standard fare. Dolly Parton comes out to do the typical two-fer, first a classic (9-to-5) for the audience to get into and the pros to dance to, and then something from her new album that no one cares about.

They do the usual audience reactions (who cares? the producers will just ask a bunch of people who they like and dislike, and then only show the ones they want), and the comedy bit is now Kenny Mayne instead of Jimmy Kimmel. We get it. You need a plug for your other ABC shows. A caveman makes an appearance, but no one cares.

In a new segment called "Stars of Dance", Savion Glover does some stomping around in green boots. It's quite good. The segment is sponsored by Macy's, which makes me wonder how long the show would be if you took out all the segments that are only there to plug something (let's see, the Kenny Mayne / Caveman segment, Dolly Parton's second song, the Macy's segment….)

Sabrina the cheetah girl is the best of the bunch right now, which I think is a total cheat because isn't she, you know, a professional dancer? I mean, sure, we've had boyband guys on before, but none of them were still in it, they all had a few years behind them. As far as I know, the cheetah girl thing is a current phenomenon. So when she's done practicing with Dancing with the Stars, she goes and practices with them. It'll be interesting to see how she does in the long haul, especially for the slow and graceful numbers. She can't just wiggle her hips for every single song.

[BlogEntry] Kid Nation : To Kill Or Not To Kill

Ok, so apparently the Shakespeare reference by Jared last week (he bought a copy of Henry V from the store) is going to be a regular feature.

This week after discovering how warm a chicken egg is immediately after its hatched, the book tells them that you don't need to keep all your chickens for eggs, you can have some for dinner. This creates quite a controversy among the kids (and I'm sure among the viewers) about whether to kill them at all, and then who will do the killing. The bigger kid, Greg is it?, miraculously has animal butchering experience so he'll be able to do it quick and easy. They agree that as long as they don't have to do the killing, they'll help with the eating.

One girl whose name I forget (come on, there are 40 kids to remember) is so upset by this idea that she and a few others lock themselves up in the chicken coop. Neat idea that they should have keep up with – what would they eventually eat and drink? But instead the situation is diffused in a few minutes. End result, a couple of chickens get killed nice and clean, right there on tv, much to the freakout of the children. Who said that 2 chickens would feed 40 kids?? Jared is loaded with the one liners during this whole process, ranging from the geeky "As Shakespeare would say, To kill or not to kill" to the funnier "We just shortened the natural cycle of life and death for these guys."

The challenge is something about piping water from one place to another, and again the green team comes in last. That's actually one of the most frustrating parts of the show, as the characters on the green team are trying much harder than the spoiled little brats on the yellow team. This week yellow didn't even do their cooking chores, so how long is it before the producers step in with a rule about "If the council decides you didn't do the work, you don't get paid" or something?

Anyway, green loses again, which stinks for them. Remember that they've got the ten cents a day job of cleaning the outhouses. There's a nice moment when the other teams actually console them on their loss rather than being upset that they do not win the prize, but then it turns manipulative again as the host shows them the water pumps that they would have gotten, had green come through. Personally, if the show was really about being a feel good experience for the kids, I say don't even show the reward. If you don't get it, just leave it closed and don't torture the kids with "Look what you lost out on."

Nobody leaves this week, despite that one girl's objection that she would leave if they killed a chicken. I'm not sure if it was made clear whether she actually ate the dinner that night.

[BlogEntry] Savion Glover teaches penguins to dance

Last night, Savion Glover was a guest on Dancing With The Stars. He's now introduced as the World's Greatest Tap Dancer, and since Gregory Hines died, that is probably accurate. He did a very weird number wearing these funky green boots, so it sound a lot more stompy than tappy, but it was still a good show, and he's obviously so amazingly comfortable in what he does that the smile never left his face. He never looked like it was anything more than warm up.

My kids, 3 and 5, are in dance class and both know about tap. So I asked them through the magic of Tivo if they wanted to see what the world's greatest tap dancer looked like. They were both very impressed.

I explained that he was also the guy who "taught the penguin how to dance in Happy Feet." I then had to explain why he didn't teach them *all* how to dance ("They could all dance a little," I explained, "But Mumble was really really good at it.")

And then my 5yr old came out with the quote of the morning:

"Tap dancing is like sign language for your feet."

[Comment] Re: Scrubs Quotes : My Fishbowl

I agree, a lot of the season 6 episodes are really funny but then plot-wise kinda weak, with random stuff thrown in. And this episode followed "My night to remember", which was just horrible. Luckily the next few episodes are great.

[BlogEntry] The Biggest Loser : Blue Elimination

Having lost two weeks in a row, Kim is in a surprisingly good mood.

The temptation is a weird setup, where they put you in a room with as much junk food as you want, and the deal is that whoever eats the most gets a 3lb pass to the weigh in. In other words, if you think you can eat the most, you win, but if you don't think you can eat the most, you're screwed and better not eating anything. So the blue team comes up with a plan to have the one big guy, Neil, pig out and win the pass. The only problem is that when he comes back into the room he is shaking his head, so Patty sees this as a sign that he did not accomplish his task, and seizes the opportunity to pig out herself. She ends up winning, and Neil is left to climb out from under the bus Patty drove over him.

The challenge is funny, as the contestants are put into a foot race against children (including a kindergartener). The contestants do not fare well.

The weigh in this week is low for everybody, pulling in 2 and 3 pound losses across the teams. But blue is the one going home. But who? They're such a well oiled machine. Bob is not thrilled. Even less so when the team says "Yeah, we took a vote and we think Jerry." Jerry would be the older guy, the team captain, who has already lost 41pounds. What's the team smoking?

I am very glad this show is on opposite Dancing with the Stars, which we watch live. So by the time I get to Loser, it is all done and on Tivo. What that means is that I can fast forward through all the crying. And don't get me started on all the "I voted for this person because they are a good person…" It's like on Jerry Springer when the girl is trying to keep up the shock value that they're about to bring out another girl.

In a stunning elimination, Jerry does indeed go home. It makes no sense, unless they are already strategizing about getting rid of the best player – which is a dumb move. I hope Bob reads them the riot act next week.
(In the "where are they now" segment at the end we see that Jerry has indeed gone on to lose over 80lbs. That's amazing!)

[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars Season Premiere : The Men

Is it me or is everybody having more fun this season? Everybody was smiling and laughing through the whole thing, and both last night and tonight, except for the notable exception of the girl who got a 16, everybody got a good score.

I don't really know half the men. I don't follow Indy racing, I don't watch soap operas, and that one guy being a model means nothing to me. At this point, the dancers are more famous than those guys. The only guy I really know is Mark Cuban, who I thought was going to be this season's Kenny. But he actually turns out to be pretty good, except he has to stop singing to the words. He had his HIP REPLACED? Isn't he in his 30's? What's he doing to himself?

I think the girl with the 16 is the logical choice to go first. Seems like a supermodel is always the first to go. Of the men, I wonder if Wayne Newton will manage to fill the "charismatic old guy" slot, or if he'll just be too stiff and go home early. We shall see!

[BlogEntry] Personally, I prefer "ambisinister"

This week in my news headlines I saw something about "The number of Lefties on the rise in the US." I figured it was a political story about increasing liberal identification in the polls.

Same story was on the news this morning. Turns out it's about the number of people who are left handed. D'oh!

("Ambisinister", by the way, means "left handed in both hands").

[BlogEntry] Dancing With The Stars : Season Premiere?!?

Ok, it's not a good sign that I had no idea that Dancing With The Stars started tonight. Worse, not only was it a 90 minute show, but they're going for 3 days! A 90 minute show and all they showed were the 6 ladies dancing. Talk about padding :(.

I mean, come on, ABC, there are other shows on as well you know. I actually ended up missing the first half of the show because Tivo screwed up on me, but you know what, I'm not sure at this stage of the game that I missed all that much.

By the way, Samantha Harris had a baby, so she's out for a while. Replacing her? Drew Lahey. He's not very good.

[BlogEntry] Scrubs Quotes : My Rabbit / My Point Of No Return

Here we go. Sorry it took so insanely long, for anybody who was actually watching the site for these to go up. As I mentioned elsewhere, it was a weird episode to transcribe. Most of the good quotes were miniature rants, and there was lots of stuff that was fairly mean and depressing. Anyway, enjoy! Next season coming soon!

Holy frick you're still pregnant!  Hey do you think that I should marry Keith?

It's just that every time I think about running away I look at the fat guy in the track suit with the giant rabbit head and he doesn't say anything.  He's my conscience.  I realized I'd listen to it more if I imagined something I was really afraid of.  The track suit because I had this mean phys ed teacher in high school named Mr. Fertelli, and the rabbit head because my uncle once ate rabbit and he got belly worms.

Thanks for being alone with me, Choco.

When it comes to babies, women are crazy.  If you would please hold Izzie by that rim over there, I'm gonna photoshop a basketball into her hand and photoshop you out of the picture, everybody's gonna think my baby can dunk, right!  It's gonna be crazy!

Pregnant women are among a select group of people who are actually allowed to act insane, much like sports mascots, local weathermen, theme park performers and that guy with the question mark jacket who teaches people how to get free money from the government.  Besides, we're talking about your kid, I think we both know what you're gonna do.

Dorian, don't watch a nudie movie while the mother of your child is in the next room!
Eh, I'm cool with it.  Wow, have I got a carrot for her!

(Since Kim didn't have an OB here in town we made her an appointment at the hospital.  Unfortunately that meant she had to face all the people that were mad at her for what she had done.  There was my best friend, who was furious.  And my mentor, who was equally upset, but didn't want to show it…)
  Hi Kim!
    Hey Perry.
(And other aquaintances who were much more loyal than I thought.)
          Jerk!  Who is that?

And by the way all the sympathy that's coming your way?  It's gonna turn.  And when it does, I'm gonna be here, and I'm gonna enjoy…hey!  Not finished!…. it.

(Since Turk was a surgeon, he always had the same answer.)
  I'm slicing that guy open.

Let me phrase my response in the form of a riddle.  What's black and white and should never, ever, ever be allowed inside of a hospital?
  Ooo!  Is it Lloyd and Cherisse?  Because their PDA has gotten out of control.

Is it still funny to yell "get a room"?  I don't care, I'm going for it.  Get a room!

How'd you get so good at being mean?
  It gets easier when you're married.

Since you got engaged you've become much more of a control freak.
  I'm not that bad.
You wrote my wedding toast.
  Yeah I just wanted to make sure there weren't any sex jokes in it because my
  grandma Lottie still thinks I'm a virgin, despite what was painted on our town's water

 It's gotta have a bathroom with a bidet, because I can't wear my going out thong if I've got sand in my patootie.

Turk, for the last time there's no place called Kokomo, ok?
  Where'd the Beach Boys shoot the video then, huh?

I hate ultrasounds, the gel always feels like a whale hocked a loogie on my belly.

It's a boy.
  A boy…what's his name?
He didn't say.  We have to pick one.
  Can we name him Sam, after my dad?
After what I did to you, we can name this kid whatever the hell you want.
  We can name him Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian?  Perry, just because, I kind of like the
  ring to it and Gilligan because I lost that bet to Turk.
Those are all better than anything nerdy like Aragorn or Chewbacca.
  Turk has dibs on Chewie.

Once spring rolls around Enid gets a little randy, so I throw a twenty to Churro, our neighbor's Guatemalan houseboy to get in our basement and let Enid chase him around in her wheelchair until Enid's juice runs out.  Churro hates America.

Well I just noticed that you've put Ronnie Epolito on the list. See, I just like being the only girl on the list with a boy's name. And I find it odd that a month after I start working here she changes her name from Veronica to Ronnie. Sure Ronnie claims it's because she doesn't want the same name as her mom, seeing as her mom snapped and set fire to that preschool. But I still think it's a teensy bit coinky-dinky!
  No problem, Ronnie's out.
Wait, I'm not sure yet!  I mean, Ronnie's also got the best crazy mom stories.  We are talking multiple felonies including the attempted assassination of a federal judge.

I just hope he doesn't get my dad's dainty hands, or my mom's patchy facial hair and no I didn't flip those.
  I just want what every father wants for his son:  health, happiness, and a lifelong
  obsession with American musical theatre.

I know.  You don't trust me, and I don't even know if you like me, and I really don't like myself right now. But do you think there's a one in a million chance that one year from now or five years from now you could get to a place where you forgive me, and then maybe, you know, we could give it another shot?
  (No is a powerful word.  It can surprise a colleague.  No can piss off a friend.  Luckily
  with Kim, it was easiest just to say yes and make her feel better.)  No Kim, I'm sorry,
  there's not any chance.  (Unfortunately, I couldn't do it.)

(I felt bad about hurting Kim, so out of compassion I pawned her off on my friends.)

I'm sorry about your picture.
  Gym teacher bunny conscience?

Kim, would you mind trying on this dress for my cousin Layla?
  Is she pregnant too?
No, she's just a fatty fatty fatty.

She's pregnant, man!
  That's uncool.
    How could you do such a thing?  … What did he do?

Hey Turk!  You might want to buckle up, because the Coxian Express – Coxian is not the adjective version of your name, it's a clever combination of Cox and Dorian.
Anyway, the aforementioned express is about to drop some knowledge on your brown ass.  You can't change who you are as a doctor just because you're a dad.  Tell him, Per!
  Of course being a father changes who you are as a doctor, for god's sake it changes everything about you.
Why did you come if you're just gonna contradict me?
  I don't know, intentionally annoying you seems pretty Coxian – that is the adjective version.  Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to step over there so we can present a united front against you.

Listen newbie. Having a kid changes the way you think about everything.
  Hell yeah it does.  Before Izzie was born if I saw a half eaten meatball sub in the trash
  you'd better believe I would dust that bad boy off and go to town on it.  But now, I'm
  not risking my health eating trash food.  I mean, unless it's a corn dog.
Thank god you procreated.  Newbie, the point is, when that kid comes, you…you'll start seeing the world a whole lot differently.
  You'll develop patience.
You're going to forgive easier.
  If you got baby poop on your thumb, it's no big deal you can just wipe it off on your
  jeans like that.
I've seen the Wiggles live in concert.  Twice.
  Did they perform Big Red Car?
They opened and closed the show with it.  It was…awesome.

(It wasn't just about me anymore.  I had to give us a shot.  Even if it was only one in a million.)

(It felt good to be holding the mother of my child.)
  This is nice.
(But given recent events, cuddling was as far as I was gonna go.  Kim and I had to get to know each other again, build trust, and oh my god is that side boob?)
  Careful of the side boob big guy, my hormones are going so crazy I might just pounce your skinny ass.
Kim I really don't think we should.
  I won't.  I got a giant boogie in my nose.
(Look at her, saying 'I wont' with a giant boogie in her nose.  I must have her!)

(Still, I wonder what it will be like having sex with a pregnant woman?)

That was so cool!  And…weird.
  Yeah, somebody else liked it too. He's going crazy in there.
And now it's disgusting.

Plus when our families met last month my mom ended up doinking your Uncle Ronald in the basement.
  Uncle Ronald and Aunt Alicia have been together for thirty years!
Yeah, welcome to my family Keith!

Look, I know that I'm being a bridezilla, so to make it up to you here's a kiss with extra tongue.

Hey, you're the only one who hasn't RSVP'd to my wedding, what the hell?
  I didn't know I was invited.
But I sent your invitation to…one north cemetery drive.
  That's the address of the Addams Family. I changed my records to mess with Kelso. 
  He's always calling me Lurch.  It was either that or 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  The
  Munsters?  TV Show?  I'm old.

Jordan, here's some things I'd rather see happen than Dinkus over there becoming the godfather: a nuclear war.  A sequel to Hope Floats.  Hugh Jackman winning an Oscar…
  Yeah, Yeah.  Funny long list.  We get it.  You need a new thing, big guy.

My lease is up in my apartment in Washington, and my OB says that my mucus plug is holding firm.  That's all I've got.

Ok, I'll give it up.
  Incidentally that's not the first time she's said that.

I hit it and I hit it good.  Rowdy style!  We have to look out for that belly, it's dangerous.

But it's comfortable!
  You think I'm going to be comfortable in my five inch heels and my rib crushing corset and my nipple tape?  There will be no poppers in my wedding photos, Keith.

It's about me.  Come on, focus!  There's no "U" in wedding!

Now, what I need from you is gift ideas.  Impress me.
  You could check the registry and get her some nice linens.
Or I could check the boring, and get her some boring boring.
  What the hell does that mean?

Oh!  You know what I got my mom that she really loved?  That weird birth control thing that they sew under your arm skin!
  Ok, highly disturbing.  But you're thinking outside the box!

I love being the new urologist here, but I'm having some trouble with my peers.  Get it?  Pee-ers?
  God I hate you.

Ok Tina, here's what I'm prepared to offer you to relinquish the post of godfather.
  Not interested.
Effective immediately I will stop calling you girls names.  Interested now?
  I'm still here, aren't I?
    Be strong, you get can more.
  Good thinking.  What else you got, Per Per?
I'll give you my real pager number.
  I'll be able to page him 24/7!
    No deal.
  What are you doing?
    Put a cherry on top.
One hug.
    Per week.
    Done.  You're welcome.

(And then, as I was about to close the deal of the century, it hit me.)  Wait a minute, if I agree I only get that stuff until you retire.  Godfather, I'm in your life forever.

I think this time I'm actually going to kill him.  Yup, this is the one.

How did you get him to be like that?  Did you do that thing that all guys want us to do but we swore we'd never do?
  I didn't have to, he just loves me.  Why, did you?
I'm saving that bullet for a diamond tennis bracelet.

Ok, I have something we can't give her permanently, but I guarantee she'll enjoy it while she has her hands on it.
  No!  Pre-emptive strike on the sex joke.  Take a time out.

Dorian?  Tell your baby mama she can have her job back.  By the way, I think it's hysterical you trust her again.
  I know sir, I got your email.

And, I get to go on one movie date with the maitre'd at that new italian restaurant we go to, and no asking what happened after I go.
  Done.  May I go now? 

(Let's see, what rhymes with baptism?  Faptism, raptism, naptism.  I'm so tired I could use a naptism!  And there's my opening joke, I should write down 'pause for laughs' so I don't forget.)

Don't care.  Hit it.

I'm a story topper Elliott, you know that about me.
  When I was a kid I had a friend like that, drove me crazy.
When I was a kid I also had a friend like that, except he snapped and started playing hide the peanut butter with my dog Whiskers.  You, my friend, have just been story topped.

Would you know what to do if she woke up and suddenly couldn't use vowels?
  That's ridiculous!
That what you're gonna say when she looks at you with those big blue eyes and cries out, "Lmrtklblklgss?"

Look if I learned one thing from my parents it's this.  The key to a good marriage is keeping your emotions bottled up until they finally explode and you have to lash out physically.
 You  mean beat each other up?
I mean beat yourself up.  My mother once snapped her own index finger because my father was late for church.  She dented the car, he threw himself down the stairs.

Let's face it, Keith would walk through fire for me.
  Yeah, I'm not walking through fire to prove my love to Elliott.

Here's the scenario, you have just come home from work late.  Blonde doctor made your dinner and she is angry because you didn't call ahead.  Plus you have brought along with you Lance, your gay ultimate frisbee buddy, played by Todd.
  I should probably take my pants off.
Wait for your cue!  And Ted, you'll be playing blonde doctor.  Get into character.
    Ok…falling in love with you, long blonde hair….talkingveryfasttalkingveryfast, frick
    frick!  Ok I'm ready.

You ever think maybe we're perfect for each other, and we just both have the same fatal flaw?

I've reached the point of no return.
  You and me both.

I mean, to get out of this, I'd have to do something huge.
  I'd have to go nuclear.

(So there we were.  Together, but not together.  And as always, not knowing what the hell we were doing.)

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