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[Comment] Re: Is anybody still reading?

I am 🙂
Also read Duanes Brain too, so ditch this one if you want.

[BlogEntry] Is anybody still reading?

I realize I haven't kept this blog up, that's mostly because FIOS blocks on port 80 which means I lose the primary "www.morinfamily.com" url. I keep saying I'll move this over to a real host and get it out of the basement but I never seem to have the attention span — my mail still goes through this domain and when I do it I want to do it quickly so I don't lose mail.

So I'm curious, is anybody actually subscribed and wondering what happened? Or do I just get the occasional search engine traffic?

[Comment] Re: Scrubs : My Night to Remember

i think its called "Winter". the one thats like "i should know who i am by now. i walk the record stand somehow. thinkin of winter" right?

[Comment] Re: Your password will expire in 14 days. Do you want to change it?

Of you have the rights, you could do it yourself. I found this site which explains how te remove the pw
Your password will expire 14 days.