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[BlogEntry] Scrubs News : ABC? DVD?

Ok, the strike's over, new shows are getting back on the schedule…so where's Scrubs? This is supposed to be the last season, after all. Are we going to get a real series finale?

Well there's all kinds of shenanigans going on that make the story interesting. First, as you may or may not know, the show has always been produced by an ABC company, even though it airs on NBC. Well now it looks like ABC is making moves to take the show back and air it in the fall? That'd be interesting, and it'd be great to get another full year of the show — but what happens to the end of this season?

Also mentioned in the article is creator Bill Lawrence's hint that he will get the final episodes out – even if he has to go striahg to DVD with them. That'd be kind of cool.

[BlogEntry] The Unintentional Question Talker

I don't know if it was Seinfeld or Scrubs who coined the term "question talker" ("Do I think that Scrubs is a good show? Yes I do. Do I want it to go off the air? No I don't.") But there's a variation on that which I hate even more, and that's people who don't think you can have a conversation for more than one sentence without a pause to confirm that the other person is still with you.

*ring* "Hello?"

"Hi, is Duane there?"


"Duane this is Ron, from Sears?"

"Oh, hi, how's it going."

"You special ordered some tires online?"

"…Yes I did."

"Well, they're here?"

And so on. It's that lifting of the pitch at the end of every sentence that makes you just want to punch the person doing it. How hard is it to string three sentences together? "This is Ron from Sears, the tires you ordered online are in." Done!

[BlogEntry] In Praise Of The Monte Cristo

And by that I'm talking about the sandwich. Have you ever had one of these bad boys? Let me explain.

Start with your somewhat basic ham, turkey and swiss sandwich. So far so good, nothing fancy.

But wait! White, wheat or toast, you ask? Wrong – how about making it with slices of french toast? Mmmmmmm.

It gets better. Now just go ahead and deep fry that sucker. I'm not kidding. It's a fried sandwich.

I'm not done.

When serving, sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar. It's a lunch, *and* a dessert.

If your arteries aren't screaming at you yet, go ahead and serve with a side of strawberry preserves for dunking.

This is the kind of sandwich – very rare in my neck of the woods, I know of only two restaurants where you can get one – where you order it and then just tell the waitress "You know what? Just pack up 3/4ths of this for me to take home, because if I eat it all in one sitting, I think I'll die."

Highly recommended. Everything in this sandwich screams of deliciousness. It could only be made better by adding bacon, something that the restaurant this weekend offered to do in their "breakfast" version of the classic sandwich.

[BlogEntry] Why We Watch Game Shows

Just now, on the game show 1-vs-100, a contestant said he "knew for a fact" that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were married longer than Pam Anderson and Kid Rock…

…and then had to ask the audience for help on whether it was Don, Lyndon, or Andrew Johnson who was the 36th president of the United States.

That is why I watch game shows. Because I would never have imagined that particular combination of intelligence if there hadn't been video to prove it.

[Comment] Re: There what?

You drastically underestimate the speed of my typing.

[Comment] Re: There what?

And then another half hour of your life wasted blogging about it.

[BlogEntry] Bunnysums

My 3yr old is very much into what, as far as I can tell, are "bunnysums." I have no idea what these are. One day she was calling her slippers bunnysums. Today after bath she pointed to a bathtoy in the shape of a rabbit and said, "That bunny has very long sums." But when I try to understand what she's saying I get conversations like this:

"Bunny sums, are you saying?"

"No, bunny *zums*." It's like a lispy "th" sound.

"Bunny thums?" I'm wondering if she's making some sort of Bambi / Thumper connection to the rabbit's big back legs.

"No, bunny *sums*!"

"Well, how do you spell it?"

"K H R R Y."

That didn't work.

[BlogEntry] There what?

Today in the supermarket I noticed a section of cookies in the bakery. Apparently these cookies were a special that they did not have often, as the sign – a computer generated thingie, not a hand written note – proclaimed "THERE BACK!"

It hurts my brain to read that, it really does. Do people not understand that it's not just bad spelling, but that you've actually created a new sentence (or a fragment of one) that makes no sense? Even if I took 3 seconds to try and parse out what exactly "there back" means before realizing that it's just a stupid person who works in the bakery, that's still 3 seconds of my life wasted because I know how to spell.

[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Six Premiere Quotes: My Mirror Image

thanks a latte..well that is hilarious.

i left my wallet in my other pair of moccachinos

[BlogEntry] A Ringing Endorsement : Diet Red Bull

Ok, here's the thing. Diet Red Bull tastes like radioactive rat urine that has gone bad, that somebody has then mixed with furniture polish. It is in no way to be confused with anything even slightly pleasant tasting. It is very bad stuff to drink.

Having said that, not being a coffee drinker, it is Diet Red Bull that I go to when I am dragging myself around for lack of sleep and need something to keep me moving. The stuff works, no doubt about it. One can and I'm bouncing off the walls.

So there ya go. Is anybody really drinking it for the taste?