[BlogEntry] The Unintentional Question Talker

I don't know if it was Seinfeld or Scrubs who coined the term "question talker" ("Do I think that Scrubs is a good show? Yes I do. Do I want it to go off the air? No I don't.") But there's a variation on that which I hate even more, and that's people who don't think you can have a conversation for more than one sentence without a pause to confirm that the other person is still with you.

*ring* "Hello?"

"Hi, is Duane there?"


"Duane this is Ron, from Sears?"

"Oh, hi, how's it going."

"You special ordered some tires online?"

"…Yes I did."

"Well, they're here?"

And so on. It's that lifting of the pitch at the end of every sentence that makes you just want to punch the person doing it. How hard is it to string three sentences together? "This is Ron from Sears, the tires you ordered online are in." Done!