[BlogEntry] In Praise Of The Monte Cristo

And by that I'm talking about the sandwich. Have you ever had one of these bad boys? Let me explain.

Start with your somewhat basic ham, turkey and swiss sandwich. So far so good, nothing fancy.

But wait! White, wheat or toast, you ask? Wrong – how about making it with slices of french toast? Mmmmmmm.

It gets better. Now just go ahead and deep fry that sucker. I'm not kidding. It's a fried sandwich.

I'm not done.

When serving, sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar. It's a lunch, *and* a dessert.

If your arteries aren't screaming at you yet, go ahead and serve with a side of strawberry preserves for dunking.

This is the kind of sandwich – very rare in my neck of the woods, I know of only two restaurants where you can get one – where you order it and then just tell the waitress "You know what? Just pack up 3/4ths of this for me to take home, because if I eat it all in one sitting, I think I'll die."

Highly recommended. Everything in this sandwich screams of deliciousness. It could only be made better by adding bacon, something that the restaurant this weekend offered to do in their "breakfast" version of the classic sandwich.