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[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Premiere (Season 7) : Oct 25, 2007

the episode is solid. people are just upset that jd and eliot didnt get together. it was well written and the episode ended perfectly.

ps dong sleeping

[Comment] Re: Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2007 Results : HOLY CRAP

Yeah, it's a bummer part of these reality shows that really emphasizes the whole "audience support base" thing. Much like happens each season in American Idol, this is the episode where they said "Ok, the acknowledged best dancer is gone, now please tune in next week to pick your favorite from who's left."

[Comment] Re: Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2007 Results : HOLY CRAP

I'm totally shocked!!!! I thought for sure she was in the end! If anything I thought Helio would go home this week or Marie..but certainly NOT Sabrina!! Something is defintily not right here!

[Comment] Re: Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2007 Results : HOLY CRAP

I think that she was so much better than Marie or Jane. And she has been consistantly good, unlike some others I could mention. I want her back.

[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2007 Results : HOLY CRAP

Wow, that's different. Right up there with Daughtry's elimination from American Idol comes this. Who went home this week, Marie? Jane? Nope.


The Cheetah Girl.

The one that everybody pretty much had as a lock for the finale, if not to win the whole thing.

The big question is, what happened? How could they fall right off the list so quickly? Like Daughtry and other American Idol "sure things", did people just forget to vote for her because she was such a shoe-in? Or was there a deliberate backlash because it was becoming too lopsided? If you believe the whole show is fixed, did Disney pull the plug on their planted superstar because it was a little too obvious?

That's a real shame, she was easily the best dancer in the bunch. I just hope this doesn't mean that Mel is at the top of the heap now, she does nothing for me. The only reason I tolerate her is because Maksim has become more of a character than she is.

[BlogEntry] My New England Children

Here's one from a little while ago I forgot to tell. The kids have been watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time, and are fascinated with the witch. It might also be the first time that they've learned that "wicked" means the same as "bad."

So one day we're at the store or something, and my 3 yr old is planning for her evening movie. "Can we watch Wizard of Oz?" she asks.

"Yes," I tell her.

"With Dorothy and the Tin Man?"

"That's the one."

"And the wicked bad witch?"

I love it. She's not just bad, she's wicked bad. That's my New England child for you!

[BlogEntry] I Swear They'll Be Poets

When K first started school I told a story about how she came home and in the course of telling me about her day, started using the word "honkin." It took me a little while figure out that she was using it to mean "very big", as in "cut the big honkin paper."

Now E is in school, and today she tells me this. "Daddy, they have a beautiful bookframe at school and next time you pick me up I get to take it home so you can see it!"

Book frame?

Anybody spot what she's talking about?

A photo album. It is a book of photographs. Photographs go in frames. Therefore, a bookframe. I love it because it's not like somebody else used that expression in front of her, and she didn't say it like "That's kind of like a book with frames in it, Daddy." She just invented a word, bookframe, that meant what she needed it to mean, and started using it like a regular part of her vocabulary.

[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Premiere (Season 7) : Oct 25, 2007

Unfortunately I think I have to agree. As I mentioned in the notes, Kelso's "Seriously,am I having a stroke or is someone making an omelet?" line might have been the best joke.

Although, honestly, the Todd's "Shhhh…dong sleeping" t-shirt was funny, especially the "Good morning!" joke.

[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Premiere (Season 7) : Oct 25, 2007

Lame start to the new season.
All the hype they built up from the last episode of last season was lost. It seems like they just traded in a great show for a few bad jokes. BOOO!

[BlogEntry] Halle Berry To Convert To Judaism….for the jokes

Taking a page straight out of a Seinfeld episode, Halle Berry offered a rather telling apology for a "Jewish slur" she said on the Tonight Show. They were doing one of those bits where they take pictures of her and use a computer to distort them, and when she came to one with a big nose she said "And this one is my Jewish cousin."

Yikes. 10 years ago we wouldn't have called that Jewish slur, we would have just called it a bad joke.

20 years ago, Don Rickles would have said the exact same thing and followed it up with "Just kidding, I love the Jews, my agent is Jewish" and he would have killed.

These days the audience is silent, the Tonight Show producers edit out the segment, and the star offers an apology the next day.

The funny thing about her apology, though, is that she claims she was simply repeating what had been said backstage by "the three Jewish girls that work for me." So Ms. Berry, in repeating the joke, forgot one of the cardinal rules of the ethnic joke – you can only tell jokes about the race/ethnicity/sexual orientation/religion that you personally belong to. Because if you're not, then you must have meant it in an offensive manner, you see. (Note sarcasm).

In other words, she could have told a black joke and the audience would have laughed. Or she could have had her people send out a press release stating that she's converting to Judaism. Both would have been ok.