[BlogEntry] I don't…. ummm… I….. what?

So my 3yr old recently has decided that her Daddy and her Father are two different people. I'm actually used to having conversations like this:

"Daddy, can we watch the movie we got?"

"After dinner, maybe."

(a few minutes later) "Daddy, my Father said we can watch the movie after dinner maybe."

"I know, sweetheart, I heard him say that."

"You did? Do you know my Father?"

"Yes I do, quite well. He's very handsome, isn't he?"

"Oh yes."

And, this:

"Who is your Daddy?"

"You are."

"And who is your Father?"

"Ashley Tisdale."

For those not in the know, Ashley Tisdale is the name of the actress who plays Sharpay on High School Musical. I have no idea where the connection came from, or what "Father" versus "Daddy" means in her head that it's ok for an 18yr old blonde girl to play the former while I handle the latter.

Anyway, that's nothing compared to this morning coming down the stairs:

"Daddy, my father scooted me with a shovel in a hole."

Now that sentence is odd enough, but knowing her sense of time and memory, she could well be talking about this past summer down the cape. (When we drive by the elementary school that her big sister goes to, for example, she tends to say "I went there when I was 5", something that won't happen for two more years.) "When did I do that?" I ask, trying to recall any sort of playing at the beach where I may have done this.

"No, my *Father*," she replies, reminded me that I am not that character. "Down the beach. Remember he put sand on my head?"

I'm guessing it was some sort of dream she had. I looked at my 5yr old for help, who shrugged and said "I have no idea what she's talking about, it makes no sense."