[BlogEntry] I Swear They'll Be Poets

When K first started school I told a story about how she came home and in the course of telling me about her day, started using the word "honkin." It took me a little while figure out that she was using it to mean "very big", as in "cut the big honkin paper."

Now E is in school, and today she tells me this. "Daddy, they have a beautiful bookframe at school and next time you pick me up I get to take it home so you can see it!"

Book frame?

Anybody spot what she's talking about?

A photo album. It is a book of photographs. Photographs go in frames. Therefore, a bookframe. I love it because it's not like somebody else used that expression in front of her, and she didn't say it like "That's kind of like a book with frames in it, Daddy." She just invented a word, bookframe, that meant what she needed it to mean, and started using it like a regular part of her vocabulary.

[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Premiere (Season 7) : Oct 25, 2007

Unfortunately I think I have to agree. As I mentioned in the notes, Kelso's "Seriously,am I having a stroke or is someone making an omelet?" line might have been the best joke.

Although, honestly, the Todd's "Shhhh…dong sleeping" t-shirt was funny, especially the "Good morning!" joke.