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[Comment] Re: Scrubs : My Night to Remember

That's the lead singer from Men At Work. I want to say his name is Colin Hay?

[Comment] Re: The Doodlebops : Live! In Concert

We went to a show in Columbus, OH – didn't catch where you saw it and it was way too loud! I wish we had ear plugs. I sent feed back and they just said we should have said something to the ushers. Yeah, right!

[Comment] Re: Scrubs : My Night to Remember

Who was the guy with the guitar singing "day after day" before dr.cox smashed it against the wall of the sacred heart? Would love to know title and artist.

[Comment] Re: American Idol Season 7 : Hollywood Is Not America Lyrics

this song is one of the best song to come out in a long time!

[BlogEntry] The universe is small, in strange ways

Ok, so, yesterday I'm listening to Coverville, one of the best podcasts around. It's a music show where he does all cover versions of songs. Well, he's doing a Hall and Oates themed show, and plays "I Can Dream About You". Afterward the host comes on and says, "Now, most people are going to recognize that as a Hall and Oates song, but they actually did the cover – do you know who sang the original, and where?"

Streets of Fire, actually. I happened to know that one. I did not recall that it was Dan Hartman who sang it, but that's not part of my story :). The host then goes on to recall what is otherwise a very forgettable movie, except for the cast – Bill Paxton, Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan, Willem Dafoe, and others. I'd forgotten that Willem Dafoe was in that. He's one of those actors you always remember by sight, but can probably never remember his name. Modern audiences probably know him best as the Green Goblin, from Spiderman. Go a little farther back and he got really famous for playing Jesus in Last Temptation of Christ.

So this morning I'm listening to the radio (Opie and Anthony) instead of podcasts, and they're doing an interview with someone whose voice I don't recognize, until a good 10 minutes into my listening they mention Platoon. Damned if it wasn't Willem Dafoe!

The story would have been even better if during the interview they'd referenced Streets of Fire, but alas they did not (at least, not in the section of interview I heard). But, still….weird.

[BlogEntry] Boy, Get Daddy A Beer

There's a morning ritual at my house. I get up to go take a shower, and in the middle of it, my not quite 2yr old son wakes up (at least, typically this is the timing). My wife gets him, and he walks into the shower to say hello. He also typically waits to hand me my towel, which generally involves me moving the towel to a place out of my reach, so that he can then hand it back to me.

Today there is a knock on the door before I ever even get in the shower. I open the door and there's my son who, without a word, pushes past me and walks over to the vanity, where he pulls a single tissue out of the box and leaves. I follow him down the hall, where he goes into our other bathroom, presumably where my wife is. "Ok, tell me you just sent him for a tissue, because that was pretty cool," I say.

"Actually," comes the voice, "I told him we're out of toilet paper."

Not bad, son. Not bad.

[BlogEntry] Ticket to Nirvana

So I got a new Buddha statue the other day, my in-laws brought it back from Hawaii as a gift. And like my Shakespeare toys, this gets the kids curious. "You like Buddha and Shakespeare," they'll tell me.

The 5yr old understands a bit better and asks things like, "Now, who was Buddha? What did he do?" I do my best to explain that a long time ago this man lived who figured out how to be happy, and everybody said they wanted to be happy to, and wanted to know how he did it. So he told them the rules, and said that if you follow those rules, then you would be happy. So people try to follow his rules.

My 3yr old, on the other hand, goes Zen almost from the word go. What she asked was, and I quote, "Daddy, what does Buddha say when he gets to the end of Buddha Land?"

I would have said "moo", but I don't think anybody in the room at the time would have gotten it. Except my son, who would promptly have assumed that I was talking about a cow.

[BlogEntry] Father / Daughter Talk

Yesterday I took my 5yr old to a birthday party and watched her play a game with her friends where one of the girls would just go stand behind a boy until he realized she was there, then he'd scream "A girl!" and run away. On the drive home I explained to her the concept of what he used to call "cooties", as in "ahhh! girl cooties! Run!!!"

"Oh," she said. "We don't really play that game, Daddy."

"You don't play the cooties game?" I asked.

"No," she said. "We just pretend to marry them."

"Same thing."

This morning over breakfast, my wife informs me that our daughter (this same 5yr old) has a boyfriend. "Is that the same one I saw yesterday, who ran away whenever you came near him?" I ask.

"Yes," she says.

"That's ok then."

[Comment] Re: Scrubs : My Night to Remember

does anyone know the song with the lyrics, when i think that i might fall underneath the pressure of it all, i'll think of you?

[Comment] Re: Ewwwwwwww!

So are you actually going to follow the advice and bathe on a regular basis now?