[BlogEntry] Boy, Get Daddy A Beer

There's a morning ritual at my house. I get up to go take a shower, and in the middle of it, my not quite 2yr old son wakes up (at least, typically this is the timing). My wife gets him, and he walks into the shower to say hello. He also typically waits to hand me my towel, which generally involves me moving the towel to a place out of my reach, so that he can then hand it back to me.

Today there is a knock on the door before I ever even get in the shower. I open the door and there's my son who, without a word, pushes past me and walks over to the vanity, where he pulls a single tissue out of the box and leaves. I follow him down the hall, where he goes into our other bathroom, presumably where my wife is. "Ok, tell me you just sent him for a tissue, because that was pretty cool," I say.

"Actually," comes the voice, "I told him we're out of toilet paper."

Not bad, son. Not bad.