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[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

The case is the wwe is going down hill because of drugs and the death of this wrestlers the wwe is still making $$$$$ of the dead wrestlers and that is not ok because this wrestlers have family and bills like everybody else and the wwe still making $$$$$ of the wreslers. I hope Nancy Benoit family gets money from the wwe. I hope Chris Benoit two other kids get alot of money from the wwe because Chris Benoit is not coming back to suppot his kids. Rest in peace Chris Benoit and Nancy Benoit and Daniel Benoit.

[Comment] Re: Well, that's one thing off my "never done that" list

You need to hang out with more black folks. Higher chance of at least a "Dwayne" there.

[BlogEntry] Are *You* A Ninja? No? Then Don't Do This

Making the rounds this morning is the story about how to piss off the Shaolin monks. Apparently somebody got on a bulletin board someplace and started spouting off the old legends about how a ninja could walk into the Shaolin Temple and kick some serious Shaolin behind. The monks are quite upset at this besmirching of their honor, apparently not getting the joke, and have demanded an apology.

Personally my feeling is this. If *you* are not the ninja in question, then why in the world would you want to piss of the Shaolin monks? Have you ever actually seen this guys in real life? It doesn't really matter if a ninja could take them or not, it only matters if you could. After you've insulted them, how about inviting them over to dinner?

[BlogEntry] Worst New Fall Shows?

Maxim has their list of new fall shows they won't be watching. Several I hadn't even heard of. Everybody is just baffled over the whole "Cavemen" thing, where the guys from the tv commercials get their own show. But does anybody remember Dinosaurs? A primetime show where a bunch of people in rubber dinosaur suits basically acted out the Flintstones. That one worked pretty well.

[BlogEntry] Well, that's one thing off my "never done that" list

Just got off the phone with a guy named Duane. First time in my life that's ever happened. I've never even been in the same room with somebody that has my name, nor the same team or anything. The closest I'd ever come, before now, was when somebody I worked with was working with a vendor who had a rep named Duane. I'd walk down the hall and hear the guy say, "Hey Duane, it's Adam" and I would turn around every single time, only to discover that he was talking on the phone.

It was a bit freaky. I don't know how people named Dave or Brian do it. I was once on a team with 4 Davids and found them all in the same cube at the same time. I said "Dave!" and they all turned around. Stuff like that's funny to me :).

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

Someone else killed Chris Benoit and his Family, someone that did not like Chris Benoit and his family because the Benoit Family had it all money and fame. This case does not make sense because Chris Benoit was a nice dad and a nice husband and he loved his family vary much and I hope they Find the the people Responsible that killed this Family. Rest in peace Chris Benoit and Nancy Benoit and Daniel Benoit.

[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars : Next Season List Is Out!

The new Dancing With Stars cast list is up! Let's play the "fill in the blank" game:

  • Mark Cuban – Internet billionaire and generally loud sports personality. Could he be the one to go on the first episode?
  • Floyd Mayweather, Jr – Boxer. There's always a boxer.
  • Wayne Newton – Charismatic old guy.
  • Melanie Brown, aka "Scary Spice" and Mel B. – What category should we put her in, does she still count as singer? These days it seems like she's most famous as the Eddie Murphy's baby mama. Maybe Heather Mills created a new category last year with "person famous for a controversial relationship?"
  • Sabrina Bryan of Disney Channel's "Cheetah Girls." – I could call this the Disney category since we had Hannah Montana's dad last year, but she also doubles as a pop singer. We've had plenty of those.
  • Indianapolis 500 champion Helio Castroneves. Young and exciting athlete, ala Anton Ono.
  • Actress Jennie Garth ("Beverly Hills, 90210"). Maybe we can have a 90210 category? I don't know what else to say about this one except "C-List, washed up actress."
  • Model-actress Josie Maran.There's always a model.
  • Soap star Cameron Mathison ("All My Children"). There's almost always a soap star.
  • Singer Marie Osmond. I had to call Marie Osmond "old", but she's no Cheetah girl anymore. She'll be the Leeza Gibbons contestant who the over-50 crowd gets to cheer.
  • Model Albert Reed. Never heard of him, can't stereotype him.
  • Actress Jane Seymour ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"). Maybe her and Marie Osmond can fight it out for the audience's love?

You would have thought that as the show grows in popularity, the "star" power would get better (like American Idol, for instance). Doesn't seem to be happening.

[Comment] Re: The Singing Bee : New Summer Hit?

My family loved "The Singing Bee", however we will not be watching it anymore. I have talked with other families and they all agreed with me. We think it is ridiculous how the dancers dress on the show. And we don't think that it is an appropriate show to watch with the family because of this. What kind of message is this sending to our young people. We do watch "Don't Forget the Lyrics" and we do love it. And just imagine we can enjoy it without watching half naked dancers!!!

[BlogEntry] Michael Vick Admits To Just About Nothing

I was hoping that he would have taken a bit more of a beating, but check out what Michael Vick, dog torturer, has pled to:

  • "one count" of conspiracy to travel across interstate lines for the purpose of doing the dog fighting thing. One count. yeah, that's believable. "I did it once."
  • "I owned the property, but I did not bet on the fights nor did I make any money." Yeah, I just let people torture dogs on my property out of the goodness of my heart, there was no monetary compensation in it for me. I just like watching animals suffer, it's how I get off.
  • "Through the collective efforts of everyone involved", dogs died. So, you know, he doesn't have to be documented as saying "I personally killed the weak ones." If you think about that one, it's even better — he had no monetary stake in the betting, and yet he still admits to killing the weaker animals? Why, exactly? What was his motivation there?

None of that is shocking. It is, after all, a plea deal. What is shocking is that the prosecutors are going to agree to the minimum penalty. I think their reaction should have been more along the lines of "No, seriously. What are you really going to admit to?"

Part of the penalty he might face includes "full restitution." What exactly does that mean? How do you unkill dogs? Who do you pay restitution to?

[BlogEntry] More On Kid Nation (Kid Nation Morons?)

CNN has a lengthy article up on the mother who claims that children were injured during Kid Nation. CNN's article, though, is much longer and goes into much greater detail about the show in general.


  • Complaint claims that 4 children "accidentally drank bleach." First of all, 4? One maybe, but 4? Second, dig how CBS confirms it as a "bleach-sipping" incident. Makes you think of wine tasting contests where they're passing it around. "Does this taste like bleach to you? here, try it."
  • The comment that adults of all shapes and sizes, including psychologists, doctors and so on were around at all times. Ummm…so you *watched* 4 children drink bleach? I mean, ok, the other girl who had grease spatter in her face, that was an unpreventable accident. But somebody tell me how you watch 4 children drink bleach?
  • Parents signed a 22 page waiver that said they wouldn't sue, among other things, "if their child dies."


Explain to me in god's name how you can put such a piece of paper in front of a parent and expect them to sign it?
"Hey Billy, guess what Mommy signed you up for?"

"Karate? Soccer? Computer camp?"

"No, Kid Nation, where if you win mommy will take your $20,000, and by the way, you might die! That's ok, though, Mommy signed the paper, you really have no say in it. Get to work. Oh, shoot, Billy died. Well, I can't do anything about it, I signed a paper and everything. Oh well, I've got other kids. Hey CBS, what else are you working on? How much is the safety of my other children worth?"