[BlogEntry] Michael Vick Admits To Just About Nothing

I was hoping that he would have taken a bit more of a beating, but check out what Michael Vick, dog torturer, has pled to:

  • "one count" of conspiracy to travel across interstate lines for the purpose of doing the dog fighting thing. One count. yeah, that's believable. "I did it once."
  • "I owned the property, but I did not bet on the fights nor did I make any money." Yeah, I just let people torture dogs on my property out of the goodness of my heart, there was no monetary compensation in it for me. I just like watching animals suffer, it's how I get off.
  • "Through the collective efforts of everyone involved", dogs died. So, you know, he doesn't have to be documented as saying "I personally killed the weak ones." If you think about that one, it's even better — he had no monetary stake in the betting, and yet he still admits to killing the weaker animals? Why, exactly? What was his motivation there?

None of that is shocking. It is, after all, a plea deal. What is shocking is that the prosecutors are going to agree to the minimum penalty. I think their reaction should have been more along the lines of "No, seriously. What are you really going to admit to?"

Part of the penalty he might face includes "full restitution." What exactly does that mean? How do you unkill dogs? Who do you pay restitution to?