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Listen, you. Go Play.

Today at a friend’s, the kids are playing in one room and the fathers are keeping an eye out from the kitchen. My soon-to-be 3yr old son comes out, puts his hand on the door between the two rooms and says, “I close this?”

“No,” I told him. “Leave that open.”

“Why?” he asked, as kids his age tend to do.

“Because we have to watch you,” I said. “In case anybody falls and hurts himself.”

The boy looks at the door for a minute, points to the *window in the door* and says, “You see me through that.”

I turned to the father next to me and said, “Ya know, I’ve got nothing to say to that. He’s got me.”

Wearing (and Eating) Of The Green

So we were Irish in a big way yesterday.  Not only were the kids dressed head to foot in the stuff, but I came home for lunch to a corned beef sandwich shoved in my hand.  Quite tasty, if I must say.

Later that night we had green eggs and ham for dinner.   Green eggs are easy to make, a little food coloring in scrambled eggs and you’re good to go.  None of the kids seemed to want ham, and I didn’t have any anyway, so we went with bacon.  What the heck, green bacon.  Worked surprisingly well, the food coloring really spread out.

The boy wanted green mac and cheese, which was a little trickier.  Hard to blend smoothly, came out more of a mottled blue and yellow.  But he seemed to like it.

For dessert, green milkshakes.  Vanilla with coloring, they don’t really dig mint.