[BlogEntry] Why Sesame Street Is Still Awesome

One of the great things about being a parent of toddlers is discovering that there are new episodes of Sesame Street on your Tivo. The combination of modern humor coupled with the nostalgia of what you remember from your own childhood is such a wonderful combination, you find yourself getting into the show just as much as your kids do.

Tonight, for example, Kerry and I sat down to watch…not America's Got Talent, but Sesame Street. Seriously. They'd done a skit called "Meal or No Meal", a takeoff on the Deal or No Deal gameshow, that was just hilarious. Out comes the host puppet, looking exactly like Howie Mandel, complete with earrings, bald head and goatee. But then it gets even better – when the guest comes out and tries to hug him, he jumps away from her exactly like the real Howie Mandel (a known OCD sufferer) does. And when the "baker" (rather than "banker") calls (who, by the way, is played by Cookie Monster), the Howie puppet plays it exactly like the real one does: "Sadie? I have good news. The baker likes you."

Who knows, maybe you have to see it for yourself. But the humor is most definitely geared for the parents as much as the kids.