[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2007 Results : HOLY CRAP

Wow, that's different. Right up there with Daughtry's elimination from American Idol comes this. Who went home this week, Marie? Jane? Nope.


The Cheetah Girl.

The one that everybody pretty much had as a lock for the finale, if not to win the whole thing.

The big question is, what happened? How could they fall right off the list so quickly? Like Daughtry and other American Idol "sure things", did people just forget to vote for her because she was such a shoe-in? Or was there a deliberate backlash because it was becoming too lopsided? If you believe the whole show is fixed, did Disney pull the plug on their planted superstar because it was a little too obvious?

That's a real shame, she was easily the best dancer in the bunch. I just hope this doesn't mean that Mel is at the top of the heap now, she does nothing for me. The only reason I tolerate her is because Maksim has become more of a character than she is.