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I just won't buy drugs from you :).

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Am a bad person because I didn't notice either misspelling of the word until I got to the last sentence?

[BlogEntry] Bad Business

The other day I had to stop by the local Rite Aid to pick up a prescription for the kids. Right on the front door, though, there is a handwritten sign that says "Pharmacy closed until 2pm, sorry for any inconvenence." Inside door I notice the same sign, "Closed until 2pm, sorry for any inconvience."

A lady has just come out of the store and sees me reading. "Their branch across town is filling orders," she tells me. "In case you need something in an emergency they said you can go over there."

"No, it's not that," I tell her, "I'm just trying to decide if I should be worried that I buy drugs from people who don't know how to spell inconvenience."

[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars : Starring Hillary Clinton?

TVSquad is reporting that Hillary got an invite to Dancing With The Stars. Seems that she said on The Tyra Banks Show that she'd like to compete on the show "if paired with one of those really good partners" (kinda like how she's competing for the White House, apparently…) The show heard this and wasted no time in saying "Come visit the tour and you can dance with whoever you want." No word on her response yet.