[BlogEntry] Aw Come On, I Paid For This!

Took the kids to see "High School Musical On Ice" today. And everything was all fine and dandy, except for one thing. There's a song, "Fabulous", which is a favorite at my house. During the number, they're flashing the chorus words up on a big tv screen.

Except….they're spelling it "fabulus". Actually, FAB-U-LUS. Many times. That's just not right. I gotta think that there are gonna be kids walking out of that theatre thinking "Oh, ok, that's how you spell fabulous, now I know."

[Comment] Re: American Idol Season 7 : Hollywood Is Not America Lyrics

The reason you don't about it is because Ferras is a brand new artist.

"Hollywood's Not America" is a song by American pop singer/songwriter Ferras and is featured on his debut studio album, Aliens & Rainbows. It was released on January 29, 2008, as the lead single from that album.