[BlogEntry] Politics, in my house

3yr old: "Dorothy Quinlan is the president!"

5yr old: "Hillary Clinton, and she's not the president yet, because if she was Daddy said we have to move to California."

Me: "Canada, sweetheart."

[BlogEntry] You know you're a parent when…

…you're watching Lipstick Jungle, a new tv show clearly setup to be a sort of "Sex and the City for married women" sort of thing. And, there's a climactic scene where the stay at home dad is expressing his frustration at his movie producer wife and says something to the effect of, "You're the one at the big celebrity parties and I'm the one at home getting my name on the pre-order list for Happy Feet Part Two"…

…and your first thought is, "Wait, there's a sequel? When's that coming out?"