[BlogEntry] How's that for coincidence?

So the other day we got a letter. Odd in that it looked like a Christmas card. But even stranger in that there were three "mistakes" on the address – our name was off by one letter (Moran instead of Morin), the street was one over from us, and the street number was one digit off (12 instead of 123). So a card originally sent to the Morans at 12 East, somebody had fixed it to go to the Morins at 123 South.

Here's the thing, though. Ready for this? We *know* the Morans at 12 East. My wife has playgroup with them. So she brought the card over to them and said "I think this is yours." Sure enough it was a lost Christmas card. Some well meaning postman, at best guess, had said "Wait, I know the Morin name, they're one street over. I'll just go ahead and fix this."