[BlogEntry] Bunnysums

My 3yr old is very much into what, as far as I can tell, are "bunnysums." I have no idea what these are. One day she was calling her slippers bunnysums. Today after bath she pointed to a bathtoy in the shape of a rabbit and said, "That bunny has very long sums." But when I try to understand what she's saying I get conversations like this:

"Bunny sums, are you saying?"

"No, bunny *zums*." It's like a lispy "th" sound.

"Bunny thums?" I'm wondering if she's making some sort of Bambi / Thumper connection to the rabbit's big back legs.

"No, bunny *sums*!"

"Well, how do you spell it?"

"K H R R Y."

That didn't work.