[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars Season Premiere : The Men

Is it me or is everybody having more fun this season? Everybody was smiling and laughing through the whole thing, and both last night and tonight, except for the notable exception of the girl who got a 16, everybody got a good score.

I don't really know half the men. I don't follow Indy racing, I don't watch soap operas, and that one guy being a model means nothing to me. At this point, the dancers are more famous than those guys. The only guy I really know is Mark Cuban, who I thought was going to be this season's Kenny. But he actually turns out to be pretty good, except he has to stop singing to the words. He had his HIP REPLACED? Isn't he in his 30's? What's he doing to himself?

I think the girl with the 16 is the logical choice to go first. Seems like a supermodel is always the first to go. Of the men, I wonder if Wayne Newton will manage to fill the "charismatic old guy" slot, or if he'll just be too stiff and go home early. We shall see!