[BlogEntry] The Biggest Loser : Blue Elimination

Having lost two weeks in a row, Kim is in a surprisingly good mood.

The temptation is a weird setup, where they put you in a room with as much junk food as you want, and the deal is that whoever eats the most gets a 3lb pass to the weigh in. In other words, if you think you can eat the most, you win, but if you don't think you can eat the most, you're screwed and better not eating anything. So the blue team comes up with a plan to have the one big guy, Neil, pig out and win the pass. The only problem is that when he comes back into the room he is shaking his head, so Patty sees this as a sign that he did not accomplish his task, and seizes the opportunity to pig out herself. She ends up winning, and Neil is left to climb out from under the bus Patty drove over him.

The challenge is funny, as the contestants are put into a foot race against children (including a kindergartener). The contestants do not fare well.

The weigh in this week is low for everybody, pulling in 2 and 3 pound losses across the teams. But blue is the one going home. But who? They're such a well oiled machine. Bob is not thrilled. Even less so when the team says "Yeah, we took a vote and we think Jerry." Jerry would be the older guy, the team captain, who has already lost 41pounds. What's the team smoking?

I am very glad this show is on opposite Dancing with the Stars, which we watch live. So by the time I get to Loser, it is all done and on Tivo. What that means is that I can fast forward through all the crying. And don't get me started on all the "I voted for this person because they are a good person…" It's like on Jerry Springer when the girl is trying to keep up the shock value that they're about to bring out another girl.

In a stunning elimination, Jerry does indeed go home. It makes no sense, unless they are already strategizing about getting rid of the best player – which is a dumb move. I hope Bob reads them the riot act next week.
(In the "where are they now" segment at the end we see that Jerry has indeed gone on to lose over 80lbs. That's amazing!)