[BlogEntry] Scrubs Season Premiere (Season 7) : Oct 25, 2007

Update October 25, 2007: THE NEW (AND LAST) SEASON IS HERE!

Since I'm getting pummeled with searches for it – Scrubs starts up again Thursday, the 25th of October, 2007. They're billing it as the last season, and the writers all seem to confirm that in interviews, but you know, you just never know. Stranger things have happened. Will they eventually make it over to ABC? Who knows.

(Forget what I said about Sept 26, I have no idea where I got that. I could have sworn that in the NBC Preview they spoke of this being the week to start up all the new shows, but the official NBC site now has it listed at Oct 25.)

Check out the quote file!.

[BlogEntry] And Now, "A Dip from MIT"

I had not heard about, as my dad put it, the dip from MIT who walked into Logan airport with a fake bomb. So apparently she's both an electrical engineering student as well as an "artist" who wanted to "stand out on career day."

Thoughts: Ok, she's an idiot. That's obvious. Anybody who walks into an airport with a fake bomb is asking to get shot. She's probably disappointed that she didn't get injured, she would have gotten more press that way.

Thought #2, does anybody besides me think that the quotes from the police actually sound disappointed that they didn't get to shoot her. The officers are like, "Yeah, well, good thing she totally cooperated with what we said to do, you know, otherwise, we would have had to shoot her….yeah…." I get the feeling there's an airport full of guards this morning who were hoping to get their own tasering video posted on YouTube. I find that even scarier. There will always be stupid college kids (particularly those that wish to push the boundaries of "art"), but trigger happy police are worrisome. Those taser videos are coming out of the woodwork now.

Update: As people that know this person check in, they're basically saying that the sweatshirt in question (with the circuit board and wires attached to it) is indeed an art project that she wears all the time. And that, "since MIT students don't do mornings, and don't particularly care what they wear", she made a mistake. Does it bother anyone else that kids who are supposedly the smartest people on the planet make such stupid decisions? A few years back an alarming number of MIT kids were drinking themselves to death. Now we've got one who is so clueless that she almost got gunned down for failing to realize that her sweatshirt, deliberately made to look like a bomb, would not go over well at the airport.