[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

Hello wrestling fans. I have been watching wrestling for over 20 years. I guess you can say that I'm a fan. But I know a hell of a lot more about murders. I'm from the ghetto. I used to live in Atlanta some years back. Please follow what you are about to read.
Let's disregard the popularity of Chris Beniot. True… Chris was taking steriods. I knew it and was able to see the differences in his body size and shape (same as Eddie). To my understanding roid rage last 3-4 days.
The timing is way off.

He went to see his doctor on Friday. Then he supposively went home to kill his wife. OK.. He's big ass shit. He really wouldn't have to tie his wife up to kill her. Was it a broken neck that she suffered or what?

Now. Daniel… A son that loves his father and his father loves him. A child knows his father. If something was wrong.. Daniel would have known before it all happened. Chris would have had to keep Daniel quiet one way or another for a day. Kill him and then sit around the house panicing about what to do next.

………..BUT HOLD UP………..

Someone had already known of this before any of it happened. I have strong beliefs in sensing things before it happens. but get real. Some internet geek can get paid to do shit over the net.

This is what I urge to authorities to do.

1. Do a lot of cross referencing with Chris and his business engagements and handlings.

2. Talk to relatives about what their marital problems really were

3. Find out how long Chris had on his contract with the WWE.

4. Steriods make a person paronoid. Find out why he told Edge that he felt somebody was following or watching him

5. Get the finger prints off the phones (every inch of all phones). you will at least know if there were gloves worn

6. We know that Chris loved the job. But, what was his relationship with others (everybody)

7. Past personal relationships should be taken into strong consideration.

8. Check out the internet guy. He knows something.

9. Why is it that the WWE is going forward not mentioning Chris. That is odd.

For all the inquires and concerns about this tragedy. Please notice that I nearly asked the same question 3 times. Unfortunately for the rest of the Beniot family.. This tragedy was nothing more than a cut short storyline that was written… By a person.
Rest In Peace to Chris, Nancy, and Daniel Beniot. And, I send my prayers to the rest of the Beniot Family and Fiends.