[BlogEntry] Disney Stuff

At Disney with the kids for their first visit. Having a great time. Whenever you come back to the hotel they always say "Welcome home", like you never left. I wonder if it dawned on anybody that that gives a very weird Hotel-California sort of vibe.

Your meal plan comes as a fixed set of "quick service" points (think fast food) and a fixed set of "table service" points (sit down, be waited on). Today at lunch, at a quick service place, I saw a manager come over to a cashier with a customer and explain, "She can use her table service points if she wants to. Micky actually prefers that." Those were his exact words. Of course Micky prefers that, because the average cost of a table service point is probably about $25, and a quick service point is maybe $9, so if this lady wants to waste her table service points at a place where you take your own food back to your seat, they're not going to stop her.

The level of indoctrination among the staff is amazing. They gave Kerry and I "Happy Anniversary" pins, and I swear, every cast member said "Happy Anniversary!" When one didn't, and another cast member came up behind her to say it, she got this "oh crap" look on her face and actually said, "I am such a bad cast member!" It really gave the impression of a Mickey Mouse with a whip somewhere in the back room watching them all on video so he can dole out the beatings later.

Kids are loving every minute of it. Saw Magic Kingdom, had dinner with the princesses. Just got back from the Electric Parade, which is no longer called that.

I'll try to post more as I'm able. Quite a few pictures taken.