[BlogEntry] Wait…you can say that to coworkers?

Today it had to be 95degrees outside. A very muggy, hot, humid, nasty day. As I get into the elevator there are already two people aboard, a young lady wearing a denim jacket (!), and an older gentleman who must have been a coworker because they were already engaged in conversation.

"Should have left the jacket at home," she says, "but the purse doesn't match the shirt." Or something to that effect, I have no clue about such fashion things.

"You look hot, but you look hot," says the coworker who looked nearly 20 years her senior.

I'm not sure what bothers me more, the idea of saying "You look hot" to a coworker (can you do that??) or that I'm not sure which hot referred to how uncomfortable she was and which one referred to how attractive she looked. Or if they were interchangeable.