[Comment] Re: WWE : Benoit Almost Certainly Murder/Suicide; Details "A Little Bizarre"

I really thnk that if you listened to the show last night, you would have heard that Chavo, Malenko, and Hunter were kind of talking around something. It was the way they were talking that made me get on the internet and start browsing the web. When I found out he no showed a house show and called in about his family spitting up blood, and there was no mention of him taking them to a hospital I began to get even more curious, and called my cousin to say something crazy is up here, and I was right. I think WWE had information before 6pm eastern time when they began taping that show and that is why they did not do a tribute whow with wrestling in it. Owen and Eddie died on the way to the ring and on the day of an event respectively and the show went on. The wrestlers were overcome with shock and disbelief and they had to do their best to honor a 3 hour time slot for the network. Other than Dean Malenko and Chavo the people who spoke about Chris were all about WWE and McMahon upper echelon.