[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

Chris was in the doctor's office on Friday. He was smiling while a fan took what turned out to be the last picture of him alive.

Then, he went home.

His wife, Nancy was the ex-wife of Kevin Sullivan.

As "Mrs SullivaN, she was aka "Fallen Angel" while her husband Kevin was known as "Lucifer".

The Sullivan couple had a storyline going about satanism and Charles Manson.

Nancy was 43 years old. Maybe she was in menopause as well as stressed out and depressed.

How are we to know if she killed the child and Chris found him when he came home, then snapped and killed her?

Or, suppose it was a homicide? A vengeance killing?

Jericho said that Benoit told him last year that he felt like he was being followed, watched or something to that effect.

His first wife, Martina, the mother of his 14 year old son David and 10 year old daughter Megan, called the reports of the murder/suicide "Crap".

I agree with her.

God knows the truth about what happened.

My prayer is that God will comfort Chris Benoit's parents, his wife Martina and his two children.

Daniel is in Heaven with his Dad that whom he adores.

For those who are hating on Chris right now, think of his family and friends. They love him.