[BlogEntry] Maybe Dance Recital's Not So Bad

This weekend I attended my 5yr old daughter's dance recital. Which means 3 hours of preparation followed by 1 hour of waiting to see her on stage for 5 minutes. But worth it, of course.

So there I am in the audience, having come prepared – iPod in pocket, one earbud in, so I can listen to something while waiting for mine to come on. Each group of kids comes up and all basically does the same thing, some moving the toes here and over there, some bouncing, some running, and then next. Each has its own sort of ballet-esque lullaby music.

Suddenly one particular group catches my attention. The music, although played on the same sort of xylophone chime as all the others, sounds familiar. Could it be..? No, it couldn't be. I nudge my father in law on my left and ask if the song sounds like what I'm thinking of. He agrees that it does sound like that. I grab a program. Sure enough, it is in fact the song I thought I was hearing.

The song? Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin.

I want to know how to get my kid in THAT class! Then I'd willingly go to these things :). Of course the only downside is that it's a monster on those little legs. "Daddy I've been dancing for 25 minutes!" "Keep going, baby, we're into the final guitar solo…."

(No, the kids did not dance the whole song, just a 5 minute snippet somewhere in the middle.)