[BlogEntry] Owned, politely

Both my girls have the exact same "Leapster" videogame. One of them is in my car. Over dinner I decided to mess with the 5yr old's head. They are the exact same.

"One of your Leapsters is in my car."

"Is it the one with Finding Nemo?"

"I don't know, I didn't turn it on. It was the pink one."
They are both identical, you see.

"But did it have the Finding Nemo cartridge?"

"I didn't notice, sweetie. I just know it was the pink one. Which one of you has the pink one?" I'm waiting for it to dawn on her that they are both pink, and that saying the pink one isn't really a clue.

"Daddy, neither one of them is pink, they're more purple. But that's ok, I know what you meanted."

Yes, she really did say "meant-ed".