[BlogEntry] American Idol : Who Got Kicked Off 3/26/2008?

As another blog just put it, "Now's the time on American Idol where it gets boring." There's a bunch of people floating around the middle that we just know aren't going to win, the question is merely which will go home first.

Personally I like David Cook, he sings in a style that I typically listen to. Of course, the downside is that what he sings every week sounds the exact same as every other week, and I expect that he will not rise to Daughtry-like heights. I bet the younger David has a stronger chance at winning it.

What was up with the country girl singing God Bless the USA and having the judges rave about the brilliance of it? Sure, it was a brilliant song in 2001 when American flags were sold out all around the country. But these days it just conjures up images of NASCAR races and guys with rifle racks and confederate flags in the back of their pickup. But I suppose that's who's doing the voting.

This week Chikezie is the first contestant in the bottom three. I thought Michael Johns or Ramiel would be next, but it's actually Syesha. This is a surprise to everybody. Personally I don't like her, just doesn't do anything for me, but I suppose she can actually sing. Last comes Jason, the dreadlock kid, who treats his place in the bottom three as a "shocker". Not really, Jason. Maybe unexpected this week, but your week is coming soon.

And then Jason's the first to sit down, leaving Syesha and Chikezie, showing that the voting clearly has nothing to do with the judges opinion as they loved Syesha and hated Chikezie. Personally I think it has to do with when the contestants open their mouth to talk back to the judges. Last week Amanda basically said "I don't care about Idol, I just want people to come see my show." And she's gone. This week it was Chikezie who, upon being called out for being cheezy, replied "But they [the audience] are who I'm singing for!"

Cheezy. And you're gone. I never liked him, because he breaks one of my standing rules for American Idol – if you start calling yourself by one name, I hate you. The only one who might have had a shot at that was Fantasia, and everybody still knows her last name is Barrino.

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