[BlogEntry] That's not the last time I'll hear that, I'm sure

Elizabeth gets up with the sunrise. Katherine needs a small explosive set off in her room. We try to let her wake up on her own, but on a school day there comes a point of no return where I have to go wake her up if she's going to make it out the door. So this morning I come in to her room, turn the lights on, open the shades and say, "Wake up, sweetie. School today."

Zombie-like, she sits up and begins rubbing her eyes. "Daddy?" she says in a very quiet, sleepy voice. "Do you think maybe when you come in to wake me up you could just turn on the light a little bit, at first?"

That's one of those moments where you future flashes before your eyes, and I can picture her at about 13 pulling the pillow over her head and mumbling "5 more minutes!!"