[BlogEntry] Correcting Daddy, Very Politely

This weekend we got the kids to a carnival that included a magic show. During the show the magician pulled up a little boy on stage who clearly didn't want to be there, and then proceeded to put a pigeon on his head. Pigeon proceeds to go to the bathroom on the boy's head. Later they bring out a giant bunny rabbit, and before the boy can reach out to pet him, the rabbit pees all over the boy. Kid's having a tough day.

Later in car ride home:

"Daddy, wasn't it funny when the bunny peed on the boy?"

"It was funny. And when he got pooped on, too."

[pause] "I think it was pee, Daddy."

"Right, but remember the pigeon? The pigeon pooped on him."

[much longer pause, so much so that I think we're on to a new topic] "Daddy?"

"Yes sweetie?"

"I know that sometimes my brain forgets things, but I'm pretty sure it was a bunny."