[BlogEntry] Where can you get those stroller "stand and ride" attachments?

We're on the lookout for this stroller attachment that allows a toddler to "stand and ride" along with her younger siblings. There are several strollers made specifically for this, but we already have a double stroller (Graco) and we'd rather find something that works with that then invest in a whole new one. There's a company called Lascal, apparently out of Sweden, that makes such a device called the Buggy Board. The only problem is that my first googling of them turned up a product recall because the thing breaks and the kids can fall and hurt themselves. Great. Granted that was in 2004 so I'm sure it's fixed now, but still, I went to their website and it's horrendous, not a single piece of information about where or how to buy the product.

So does anybody know what I'm talking about? Have one? Know where to buy them?