[BlogEntry] American Idol : Who got kicked off 4/11/2007?

Update: Nonono, this is old, you want this week's update!

Short and simple this week, I have very little time for recapping. Once again Sanjaya is not even in the bottom three. This week it's Phil, Chris R and Haley. I guess we don't get to see her legs anymore, Haley is going home.

I don't get annoyed by Sanjaya. I get annoyed by an internet worth of people saying "Hey, you know, I'm not so sure that American Idol is a singing competition anymore, I think it's more of a popularity contest." Ya think? The only time that American Idol was a singing competition was the first season, when nobody really knew what to expect. Ever since then it's been all about getting the fanbase and campaigning bigger than the next guy. The problem is that once it was about picking who you really thought was the best singer (i.e. Ruben versus Clay or Bo versus Carrie), now it's about picking somebody who is a funny choice. Nobody thinks Sanjaya is the best singer, so even though it's their right to vote for whoever they want, it's ultimately ruining the premise of the show. If he does end up winning (which I don't expect will happen), it would basically be the end of whatever credibility the show still has.

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