[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars : Week #3 Results

It's actually becoming painful watching them try to fill an hour. Just make it half an hour and accept it. This week we have Sierra sing, whoever that is, which is just insulting because there's not even a ballroom demo that goes with it.

Then we get Survivor doing a version of Eye Of The Tiger that would have had them booed off of American Idol. Some folks don't age well.

And Josh Groban? Man, he's not getting the bookings he used to.

And then came the psychics. Wow, that is hard to watch when you consider that people actually believe that stuff. We go through a whole bunch of the psychics saying generic things like "Laila likes to be in control" and then the producers cut in a clip of Laila taking charge, as if that's supposed to prove anything. At least they go so far as to get predictions – the numerologist says Laila, and the guy who sees auras says Ian. Two reasonable choices. I wonder if they actually interviewed half a dozen psychics and then only showed the ones who picked the potential winners?

Anyway, as predicted a mile away, Shandi goes home. Next week should be Leeza, then Clyde, then John. Apolo, Ian, Joey and Laila should easily be the finalists. The real wildcard is Heather, whether she'll be good enough to knock one of those four out of their spot.