[BlogEntry] American Idol 3/20/2007 : British Invasion Week

After listening to the commentary from Peter Noone and Lulu, I'm wondering if they really got the concept. Seems like Peter's advice to everybody was "Don't mess too much with the original, it was fine like it was."

  • Haley does "Tell Him" and everybody loves it. She gets poor Simon all hot and bothered by not wearing a bra under her little glittery shimmery top and shaking it right in front of him. Personally I didn't love it, I thought she was concentrating more on getting from one side of the stage to the other and not singing all that great.
  • Chris R does "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying", a cool Gerry and the Pacemakers song, and gets the first of many Peter Noone "The original is good enough don't mess with it" comments. But the judges love it and go right to the "You made it modern" comments. I still think the kid is too generic for me and won't last. Although I liked the honesty is his comment when he said "I keep wanting to just run it all over the place and have to control myself not to do that."
  • Stephanie does Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" which is a cool song, but she's very boring lately and all the judges point out that she's lost her edge. Maybe because she reads the papers and all she ever hears about are Melinda and Lakisha?
  • Blake hits a major home run with a great modern remix of Time Of The Season"", complete with beatbox. Everybody, including Simon, loved it. Well, everyone except for Peter Noone who said that the first row should watch out for "all the spitting."
  • Lakisha goes with Shirley Bassey"" "Diamonds Are Forever", which I would have thought a great choice for that big voice of hers, but the judges didn't love it. Maybe she should have gone with Lulu's advice and done You're My World? I don't think I know that song.
  • Phil does Tobacco Road, and leaves me pretty cold. Just not interested, really. Simon tells him he has no "grit".
  • Jordin does "I Who Have Nothing", more Shirley Bassey"" apparently, which I've never heard of but Lulu loves. Sounded good to me. Randy gives a big compliment with the prediction "One of the best I think we'll see tonight" and we're not half done yet.
  • Interview with Peter Noone, and he even confirms that his biggest advice is "Stick with the melody."
  • Sanjaya, dear Sanjaya, love of the Internet. Tries to decide between "You've Really Got Me" (is it You or You've?) or "I'm Into Something Good", a Herman's Hermits"" classic. Noone steers him away from that one and tells him to stick with "You've Really Got Me" which I can just tell is going to be brutal with the judges but I bet his fans still like. At least he attempts to rock it out. Actually Randy likes it ("I'm in shock, best performance to date, the new Sanjaya"). Simon points to a crying little girl and says "I think her face says it all." A little weird. She didn't stop crying through the whole show, but apparently it was because she was happy.
  • Man, I don't care about the fan questions.
  • Gina is doing Paint It Black"" which is about as rock as it gets. Starts out weak, and her outfit is ugly. The drums in this song are awesome, by the way. I don't like her version, it's too high. Simon calls it torture.
  • Chris Sligh is actually going to do Henry VIII? Is that a joke? Oh, wait, it is a joke. He's doing She's Not There"". Much better, I like that song. That's the kind of British Invasion stuff that's my favorite. I don't love his version, although I think his voice is good. Just not the kind of match I was hoping for. Once again he argues with Simon, which I hate.
  • Melinda closes the show with "As Long As He Needs Me", another one I've never heard of. I'm disappointed that nobody did To Sir With Love. Judges love it, but what else would you expect? It's Melinda, the chosen one.

So who's it going to be this week? Well Sanjaya is always a possible choice, although the judges seemed to get a kick out of him this week. Phil got a lousy review, as did Gina. I think it could be Phil.

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