[BlogEntry] The Mooninites Have Landed

Since I work in Boston, several people have asked me if I'm planning to comment on what's become a national joke.   No links since I don't have the patience to go looking for them and they're easy to find.  In short, Turner put up a bunch of little signs advertising their Aqua Teen Hunger Force character Err, a Mooninite.  Boston thought they were bombs, everybody freaked.  They weren't.  Later we come to find out that they're in cities all over the country, have been for weeks, and nobody else freaked out.  So now Boston is all about who can we arrest and how much can we sue for, because they're embarassed.

I have two thoughts on the subject:

  1. I was in Boston all day when this happened.  Took mass transit home.  Know what?  Never heard a thing about it.  So reports of "panic" are greatly exaggerated.
  2. This morning on the news they had a shot of one of the signs.  It is made up of little Lite-Brite style LEDs in the shape of a cartoon character.  That character is flipping the middle finger.  The video was of a man (police?) holding the sign during a press conference, so it was moving.  But if you looked really closely you could see that some apparently very cautious censor had superimposed a teeny tiny little blue circle over the middle finger. Think about that.  News video of a press conference of a police officer holding legal evidence that represents a children's cartoon character, and we still feel obliged to censor it.  Yet all of last year on the Today Show every morning you could hear every last little detail about the Duke rape case.  You could ever see the Saddam execution.  I'll never understand that.