[BlogEntry] New Year's Resolutions

Ok, here we go.

  • Get back on the weight loss track and hit my goal weight. Right now that'd mean dropping about 12 more pounds. 6 of which I'd gained over the holidays 🙂
  • Get published in a meaningful way. I've written a couple of e-books before, but none of them are going to ever even make it onto the radar, as far as secondary income goes. I'd like this year to write and publish something that I feel could make me some pocket money. Whether it does or not, well, I don't control that.
  • New mantra: Complete the bad stuff so there's more time for the good stuff. At any given time I've got a good dozen projects running around my brain. Some work, some personal. Some practical, some blue sky. Some take two minutes, some take two years. Whenever I focus on one, particularly one of the "have to get done" ones, I have a horrible habit of spending all my mental energy thinking "As long as I'm working on this, I'm not working on [other, probably more fun project]." And when I do allow myself time to work on the fun ones, I'm inevitably thinking "Man, I should really get back to the boring have-to-do and just do it." So, I don't win on either end. My new goal is to tackle one project at a time and stay focused on it until I make meaningful progress. I won't say "finish", because often you'll hit a wall where you can't finish it right that moment. But by making recognizable progress I'll at least feel better about putting it down and moving on to something else.

There you go, that's my list. Consider it documented. Who else wants to volunteer?