[BlogEntry] Scrubs: Zach Braff Uncensored!

TVGuide has an interview with Zach Braff up! Some highlights:

  • His new movie, The Last Kiss, is "much more of a drama" than Garden State. That worries me a bit, because I don't recall laughing at Garden State at all.
  • Sarah Chalke is tone deaf, which should make for scary moments on their upcoming musical episode. Everybody else apparently can sing ok.
  • He's not decided whether he's leaving, simply that it is now "up in the air". I assume that means contract negotiations. Then again he goes on to say that "there's a bunch of variables that would need to be in place" for him to continue, which sounds like a cop out.
  • They're trying to introduce the Arrested Development characters onto the show, starting with David Cross. I never watched AD so I have no idea if this is a good thing.
  • They're remaking Fletch, the movie, and apparently Zach will star (again, "up in the air").

So there you go. Still not a new episode of Scrubs, but at least we get some gossip. Is everybody gonna go see his movie? I hear it's got a "different" ending that's going to upset people. I wonder if somebody dies.