[BlogEntry] Coverville covers Elvis

I am a huge fan of Coverville, one of the oldest podcasts around (the first episode started back in September of 2004). The premise is simple – it's a show devoted to the cover versions of songs. That is, songs by somebody other than the original artist. Sound like a premise that wouldn't last long? Not hardly. Regular segments include "Cover Story" where he tells the history of a band through covers of their music, and "OriginalVille" where he looks at the original versions of songs whose cover version is more famous. Then there's his All Request nights, as well as the regular music trivia segments he plays with his wife and son.

It's an OriginalVille that I want to point people to, because for episode 241 he did Elvis. You an Elvis fan? I know a few Elvis fans that read my blog. Want to hear 35 minutes worth of the songs that Elvis made famous? How about Big Mama Thornton doing Hound Dog? Or Del Shannon doing Marie's the Name of His Latest Flame? These are the people that did it first, and then Elvis came along and made them (the songs, not the people) famous. I learn something new every day.

There's really nothing bad I can say about this podcast. It might be one of the best ones out there today. It's music heavy, without being like a radio station. It's educational, entertaining, and completely clean. I could play this in the car with my kids.