There’s no i in Lift-The-Flap Book

Today my daughter Elizabeth was sharing her book with her younger brother. A lift-the-flaps book, I watched as she reached a page with a pyramid of alphabet flaps on it. “I do H,” she told her brother when she got to that letter, “Because it is in my name. H for horse.”

“Confident in how to spell her name,” I thought.

“Ok,” she told her brother, “You do I.”

Coming Soon!

It’s baaaaack….

[Comment] Re: Is anybody still reading?

Me… 🙂

Though clearly not often….


[Comment] Re: Is anybody still reading?

I am 🙂
Also read Duanes Brain too, so ditch this one if you want.

[BlogEntry] Is anybody still reading?

I realize I haven't kept this blog up, that's mostly because FIOS blocks on port 80 which means I lose the primary "" url. I keep saying I'll move this over to a real host and get it out of the basement but I never seem to have the attention span — my mail still goes through this domain and when I do it I want to do it quickly so I don't lose mail.

So I'm curious, is anybody actually subscribed and wondering what happened? Or do I just get the occasional search engine traffic?

[Comment] Re: Scrubs : My Night to Remember

i think its called "Winter". the one thats like "i should know who i am by now. i walk the record stand somehow. thinkin of winter" right?

[Comment] Re: Your password will expire in 14 days. Do you want to change it?

Of you have the rights, you could do it yourself. I found this site which explains how te remove the pw
Your password will expire 14 days.

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I got the entire series as well as the full soundtrack from Just be patient and search carefully. The reward is great!

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

There's too many missing pieces of the puzzle and too many questions unanswered.
Why were Bibles placed near the victims?
Why were beer cans tossed about the house if Benoit wasn't a drinker?
Is it really possible to hang yourself with weight utility without any assistance?
Why was it so urgent for Benoit to catch a flight back to his home when he was about to participate in a championship match?
Lastly, what about the eerily coincidental Wikipedia entry? Someone may know a lot more than they claim.
Obviously the authorities decided to blame these horrific actions on steroids and past abuse issues instead of investigating these mysterious happenings. Either way, the truth will prevail.

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

there is no conspiracy it was roid rage idiots. He was a great wrestler and i have respect for what he's done it's just another case of drugs taking control .The people that wreslte each other in the wwe wcw ect were all friends it was an act wat r u guys 5?