[BlogEntry] Welcome to Boston, Sweetie

"Daddy? I just realized something. When we say 'potty', it sounds like we're saying 'party.'"

"Yeah, that's called living in Boston. You're gonna want to get used to that, it's going to come up a lot."

– the 6yr old discovers her accent

[BlogEntry] More Faked Olympics Footage

Yeah, the cute girl singing the anthem? that was fake, too.

It's not so much the lipsynching that's a big deal, it's the idea that the girl who actually sang it was not cute enough. And China does not have a problem with this, publicly stating

"The audience will understand that it's in the national interest," Chen said in a video of the interview posted online Sunday night.

[BlogEntry] Free Tibet

Free Tibet

Just a little something to keep in the back of your mind as the announcers talk about how open and harmonious China is these days.

[Comment] Re: The Doodlebops : Live! In Concert

We went to the Mt Pleasant show and it was AWFUL. It lasted 45 minutes. They only had one person working the merchandise stand and No special effects at all. By the time that we goit to the front of the merchandise stand I paid 6 dollars for a flag that they had run out of sticks for. Even my 4 year old said he did not have fun….

[BlogEntry] Don't you dangle your participles at me young lady!

"Daddy? What was that game you were playing while I was asleep on your ipod?"


Just got back from taking the kids to their first Shakespeare show. At 6, 4 and 2, that's not too bad. I'm not sure how much they understood – unlike a video that they can play over and over again, if you miss something in live theatre, it's gone. You can't rewind or watch it again.

Details up at the Shakespeare site

[Comment] Re: Your password will expire in 14 days. Do you want to change it?

Contact your admin he'll either fix this for you or will give the permission so that you can change your password on your own.

[Comment] Re: American Idol : Lyrics to Home, by Chris Daughtry

I really really love this song.
It touches my emotion.
I'm going home,too.

[Comment] Re: Your password will expire in 6 days. Do you want to change it?

Hi there, my pc is connected to the internet and i use it in the office its actually an organization so everyone has got his/her own password to to their computer but for days now my pc has been giving me this message your password will expire in 6 days. Do you want to change it now? But when i try to change it, it will say i dont have permission to change the password…what should i do?

[BlogEntry] Oh no, my daughter has "Grey's Anatomy" disease

Explained over the weekend, by the 6yr old:

"Daddy? You know how on tv sometimes, something will happen, and then the people will repeat it? I think I have that. I think that's why I like to talk so much."

It dawns on me that she must be referring to the "summing up" that occurs in the last 5 minutes of so many shows these days.

[Comment] Re: The Dalai Lama's "Rider"

According to:


This Dalai Lama is the only one to have ever attempted vegetarianism. Something he has not been successful with.