[Comment] Re: Tiger Attack

It doesn't matter if they taunted the tiger. Tigers in Zoo's are not supposed to escape by jumping over the wall. Kids make faces and say weird things to zoo animals all the time. Thats the only safe place to do it, not in the wild or at the San Francisco Zoo.

[Comment] Re: Tiger Attack

i am sick over this poor tiger taunted, it was on purpose, they had a mission to hurt, and torture this animal. shame on them, they got what they deserved, i think the poor kid that was killed was a minor, and dragged into it. you can't blame the tiger for defending it self…
then, they complain that staff did not respond fast enough? what the hell do you think? to have sling shots on there persons, tells me, they had a plan, and it back fired, those two boys or "men" should be held accountable for there friends death..
they instigated the death, .. they are to blame, not the tiger.. it was just doing what a wild animal would do, defend it self…

[BlogEntry] Tiger Attack

Police looking for signs that tiger was taunted.

Oh. They're looking for signs that the tiger who jumped out of its pen and started killing people was taunted.

Here's an idea. There are two survivors, who by all accounts are being "uncooperative" and will not say what happened. If that's not a sign that the tiger was taunted, I don't know what is.

What I can't understand is the conversation that went on between them. "Dude, it *ate* Carlos! We gotta say something!"

"Shut up, we'll get in trouble!"

"Aww, man, you're right! Sorry Carlos!"

[BlogEntry] A Trip To 3yr Old Land

"Daddy, why did the frog in Shrek die?"

"Because he was old and sick."

"Yes but why did he die?"

"Sometimes frogs just die, sweetie."

"No they don't."

"Yes, believe me, they do."

"I'm gonna call Gabrielle and ask her." (hand goes up to ear) "Hello, Gabrielle? Do frogs just die? Thanks." (click) "Gabrielle says frogs don't die."

Gabrielle, for those not in the loop, refers to the character from High School Musical.

While I'm here, have a different story: The other day I caught her speaking to her hair ribbon. "Stop it," she says to the ribbon, quietly.

"Are you talking to your ribbon, sweetie?" I ask.

"It's being mean to me," she says. This is her generic statement that means something has not gone her way.

"And….is the ribbon talking back to you?" I ask, not sure of the answer I'm going to get.


"What does it say?" I ask, wondering which doctor I call for this.

"It says," she tells me, in the same whisper she's been using, "I'm pretend."

I hate being owned by my 3yr old.

[Comment] Re: Scrubs : My Night to Remember

Scrubs is the shit, because of the randomocity. The chemistry between Zach Braff, Donald Faison , Judy Reyes, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, and Ken Jenkins is amazing. Billl Lawrence has taken his stand up comedy routine to new heights.