[BlogEntry] The Biggest Loser October 23, 2007

Oh, the drama!

I've never liked Kim, I've mentioned that. I think she's mean to her team. And now they're abandoning her. I missed last week, but apparently she said something to Amy last week about not deserving to be here or some such. Either way, it upset Amy enough that when the rules became "You can train with whoever you want" she ran to Jillian. Apparently it didn't help her much, as her weight stayed the same.

The real drama, however, came when Neil, from the blue team, decided to cheat the system by bulking up before the weigh-in. He comes in at a +17, which causes Bob to drop a large number of F bombs in his direction. The plan, you see, is to deliberately put his team of 3 up for elimination so that the remaining blue players who are loyal to Neil will send somebody else home. Neil admits this, and laughs about it, which immediately makes him the enemy for the rest of his stay on the show.

It's at this point that I completely don't understand the game, as the other teams vote out Jez from the black team despite everyone acknowledging the Neil basically cheated the system. Well, here's hoping that Bob kicks some serious ass next week as he obviously wasn't in the "Let's rig the system" plan that blue came up with.