[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars October 23, 2007 Results : Who Got Kicked Off?

Finally a week where there's something to write about! Sorry I missed last week, but come on, the Red Sox are going to the World Series. I am morally obligated to watch baseball over ballroom. It's a Boston law.

This week was intriguing indeed! It started when I walked into the room and my wife said "Marie Osmond just passed out." Thank heaven for Tivo! It was a pretty standard faint, you can't really blame her. I bet the audience felt bad for laughing, thinking she was doing some sort of a stunt. Looking back at the fall during the results show you really got a feeling for just how fast she went down. Heather Mills commented that they thought it was a bit, and it was best fake faint she'd ever seen.

We're at a point now in the season where all the easy picks to go home have gone home. Well, almost. This week it should be Mark. And then Jane, Jennie, Marie and Cameron, leaving Mel, Cheetah girl and Helio to vie for the title.

This weeks's special guest star is Jennifer Lopez. If you're still wondering if she's pregnant, ask yourself why she wore a glorified beach cover-up for both of her numbers? Of course she is. Finally the show has a big enough star who just comes out and says "I'll sing." I didn't hear any plugs for a new album, and she did two classics rather than one classic and one new song that nobody's heard. I just wish that they'd stop with the backup dancers. It's a dancing show. You can sing all you want, but let the ballroom professionals dance while you do it.

Normally I fast forward through the pieces in between the results, but this week there was a good one – how each professional does their choreography. We learned that Edyta listens to her music 50 times, that Julianne goes to bed thinking about what she'll teach the next day, and that Max choreographs on the fly. Tony had the best quote when he said, "I'm just the frame, my partner is the picture." Sometimes in their effort to win you'll see pros who basically have their celebrity stand still while they dance circles around them. But the show's not about that, we all know that the pros can dance. The idea is to see what the celebrities can do.

In a funny moment, Julianne hears her name called during the results portion but has no idea if she's been told that she's safe or in the bottom two. So she sits there, looking vaguely confused, until Tom says "That means that in the bottom two are …" and finally she realizes that she's safe and celebrates.

No surprise, Mark goes home this week. Jane Seymour is also in the bottom two, which might be an indicator of what happens next week. She's good, but does she had the following? I say its her or Jennie Garth.